Fascinating land of sea, mountains and parks
Closed between the Tyrrhenian and Ionian Sea, Calabria offers very different areas, inside few miles you can find mountains, wonderful beaches, beautiful villages, ancient towns and spectacular national parks dominated by nature. Even the customs, culture and rhe rich gastronomic tradition represent a diversified offer, which has its roots in its millenary history that began with the Greek colonization and continued with the Roman and Byzantine.

Sea and nature

Sea and natureStrength of Calabria, especially in summer, are the clear sea and sandy beaches, many times awarded with the Blue Flag of Legambiente. The coasts, protected behind the mountains, seem in some places extend inland, where the blue of the sea gives way to the Green Mountains. Along the coast, primary importance has the spectacular nature of the region, and its territory is largely occupied by mountains and hills. Calabria is in fact the only Italian region with three national parks, Aspromonte, Pollino and Sila, which house a vast forests and numerous lakes. All These make Calabria a great natural heritage.

Art and culture

Art and cultureThe artistic patrimony of Calabria reflects its historical events and keeps track of the cultural tradition of Magna Graecia. The art of the past is connected to the craft tradition, thanks to the shops down from generation to generation, is still alive, especially in small towns, where are available natural materials of great value. In this land art and culture are interwoven in a series of symbols and traditions and still live in folklore and in religious events, that distinguish the various centers of the region Calabria.